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you have to admit Florida Governor Joseph Edward "Jeb" Bush speaks Spanish WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than his dad or his brother at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I can't admit this to my best friends, relatives, associates or just about anyone when I'm in New York City, but I do love the president, but in Spanish or English, he's . . .

the Norm Crosby of American politics.

But then again, Moses was a horrible speaker, and look at what a great man he was. And his brother Aaron served as his public speaker. I won't go into my infamous MOSES/BUSH analogy, because I said I wouldn't get political around here, but there are some very basic and profound similarities between Moses and the man they call "Dubya."

If you need someone from that family to address a crowd in Spanish, by all means, . . .

call Jeb.

And if you need someone from that family to stick their tongue out at the paparazzi, . . .

call Jenna.

Come to think of it, I'd like to call Jenna myself.

But I'm biologically old enough to be her grandfather, and only about eight or nine years younger than her own dad.

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