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csmkersh said:
Who handles this ammo, Dean? I thought you had been touting the Fiochi stuff up til now. Sometimes I mis-remember - is this one of them??
The original newsgroup poster specified FMJ, not HP, hence the recommendation on the Geco… it is/was imported by an outfit in New Jersey, Dynamit Nobel…… who don't seem to import that particular round any longer.

It's a terrific round for my (FMJ) requirements... but it can't be carried in a Seecamp, of course.

The stateside editions of Fiocchi pistol rounds, although part of the same company, are often considerably different than the Italian versions… often even different projectile weights (cf: 145-grain JHP and 170-grain FMJ in .40 S&W from Italy, while the Ozark-produced chamberings are 155-grain and 180-grain… very "American").

And when they do in other respects turn out to be apparently identical, often you'll find that the U.S. versions are not as "hot" as the imports.

And while my father's old U.A. Army-issue (1942) Colt's Model 1903 "Pocket Hammerless" isn't quite as fussy as Dan'l's (probably 'cause it's newer having been manufactured in 1920), it loves the Geco "FMC" and the Fiocchi 60-grain SJHP. The nominal velocity Fernando cites may be a reasonably honest one since it turned up well over 1100 fps in a borrowed LWS32 when I was testing Silvertip-alternatives about seven years ago… are ya running with me, Welder?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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