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okay gang, so I need some opinions...I wanted to see which rifle deal is better. two are std M1As one of them is a bush length rifle.

Rifle 1
std M1a
no gi parts
SAI 3rd gen scope mount
SAI scope rings
soft case
ten rd mag

Rifle 2
Std M1a
No GI parts
Smith Enterprise Scope Mount
Unitized gas cyliner (Army screw and glue method)
Sadlak NM TiN coated gas piston
Karsten's custom camo adjustable cheek piece
G.I. OD cotton web sling
M1A combo tool
M1A gas cylinder wrench
10 rd factory mag
$1250 shipped

Rifle 3
M1a Bush
TRW bolt
HRA trigger group
WIN op rod
Shimmed gas system
$1375+20 shipping

Things to consider, I live in CA and rifle one is already here, rifle two would require that I have the FH removed and a brake installed. Rifle three has GI parts. In all cases (1,2,3) I was going to have smith ent work on it and make it a smith setup with 18" barrel. So, all thing considered which would be the best deal for what I had in mind? All opinions welcomed.

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I'd go for rifle #3 because I like the high USGI part count and the barrel is still long enough for distance work. I didn't see an mention of scopes on the first two - only the mounts (and rings on #1), right?

You didn'nt mentioning anything about the stocks either, so I'm assuming the first wo (STD's) have tha plain rubber butt-pad and NO flip-up cover over the storage compartments?
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