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Which one would you select for CCW?

Which one would you use for CCW?

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Hello All,
This is my first post. I'm always debating with myself and searching for the "ultimate" concealed single stack 9mm. Yeah, Right! :lol:. Looking to anyone and everyone's opinion on what you would select out of this list. Additionally, Yes, I know there is no ultimate CCW. That would be silly to think that there is such a thing. LOL. I'm only considering single stack magazine, no safety 9mm handguns. Yes, I know that there is exceptional option in Single Action, such as, the Sig P938 and a great selection of double stack magazine options but for this poll I'm mainly concerned with the handguns in this list. Please comment on the reasons why you selected one of the handguns in this list. If you select Other, please by all means let us know what you selected as your choice and your reasons why. I welcome everyone's comments good and bad about any and all the guns mention.

I've shot the Sig, XDS45, and the Beretta and I like them all for all the reasons you can imagine. Of course, any of the following would serve the purpose of a CCW but I want to get your views. Take into consideration that whichever one I would decided upon I would change out the trigger and add night sights(Sig already has NS) for whichever has the capability to do so.

These three are existentially same in size (smallest)
Sig P290RS 6/8rds Hammer fired no safety 20.5oz, 5.50in length, 3.90in height, 0.9in (1.1 in with slide catch lever) width Trigger9lbs
Beretta Nano 6/8rds Striker fired no safety 19.8oz, 5.63in length, 4.17in height, 0.9in width Trigger not listed
Kahr CM9 6rds Striker fired no safety 15.9oz, 5.42in length, 4.00in height, 0.9in width Trigger not listed

Similar in size (largest)
Springfield XDS 9 7/9rds Striker fired no safety 23.0oz, 6.30in length, 4.40in height, 0.9in width Trigger 5.5 - 7.7lbs+/-
S&W M&P Shield 7/8rds Striker fired no safety version 19.0oz 6.10in length, 4.60in height, 0.95in width Trigger 6.5lbs+/-

All but the Kahr have extended magazines 8 to 9 capacity. The Shield with no safety is due out in a month or so(most likely the so) and will be the only way I would purchase it.

Prices vary everywhere of course (guesstimates at best):
Sig P290RS $475-500
Beretta Nano $400-500
Kahr CM9 $350-400
Springfield XDs 9 $475-575 $475 at Spring Guns and Ammo down the road here.
S&W M&P Shield $400-450

Give me your opinion of the ones you like the most for CCW?

I appreciate your response.
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I use full size 1911's in either .45acp or 10mm because
I want power if/when I need to "blast" somebody

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I don't have any problem ALWAYS carrying my 5" 1911's and I can carry it IWB under a [reasonably snug] t-shirt without
notice, but I do have a very athletic build so it's easy. Unfortunately many people have "tubs" for waists which doesn't
work at all for easy conceal carry.

Also I happen to like all bold....
Just trying to provide a little enlightenment through constructive criticism. My title is not Mr Obsessive but rather, Forum Administrator. Obsessive is continuing in your ways even after it has been pointed out that it is considered rude and in poor form... the act of a "Newb." You can learn from the forum or presume to know-it-all. All that we ask is that you act in a mature and responsible way.

I like to see what I write and if that makes your panties twist into a bunch you need to get a grip and stop acting like little girls.

If that is beyond your mentality, intelligence and you're too "delicate" to handle bold print [dear God] then that is your
problem, so grow up and [again] take a pill.
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