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Who Let The Pigs In??? . . .

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Anybody seen this commercial? Ahhhhhh, the theater of American life!!!

Watching industry competitors can be fun and funny. About a year or two ago, in my area of New York State and perhaps others, and maybe even across the country, a certain cable television company was running a series of 'done with the dish' ads, wherein they have actors playing married couple homeowners telling their tales of woe regarding troubles with satellite dish operations and how they wound up going back to the cable company.

Well, now the satellite dish company is lashing out big time at the cable company with a hilarious ad that has a musical group singing 'Who Let The Pigs In' to the tune of 'Who Let The Dogs Out?' Indeed, it sounds as though they even hired the same group to sing it.

The commercial features a gang of pigs being dropped off at a residential neighborhood and invading people's homes, delivering cable bills and snorking up every dollar they can find in the houses. One of the most hilarious moments comes when a pig sticks his snout in the mail slot of a homeowners front door and drops an envelope clearly marked 'cable bill' into the house through the slot. Since pigs are among my most favorite land creatures, this commercial is absolutely hilarious.

Another highlight is a woman heading to the kitchen, probably for her morning coffee, dressed in her robe, looking tired and turning disgustedly after a pig comes storming through her front door with a cable bill saying 'who let the PIGS in?' Her facial expression and enunciation are hilarious. All over the neighborhood people are yelling at the pigs, trying to hose them down, beat them with brooms and it's to no avail, the pigs have completely taken over the area, delivering cable bills and snorking up dollars. All the while the song 'Who Let The Pigs In' is blasting to the reggae beat.

Absolutely hilarious. You should check into a Dutchess County hotel soon if you're from another part of the country or world and haven't seen it. Or better yet, go stand in the TV section of a local Walmart or anywhere they sell televisions.

Who Let The Pigs In???

Only in America. :D
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The pig put on his webbing, and they marched him up and down.
He did it with a whistle, so they gave him sand to pound.
He crossed the burning desert, and he trekked the arctic night
And they made him do it over again so he'd learn to do it right.

The Whisling Pig
as told by Robert Freeza
in A Small Colonial War
I've heard of Whistler's Mother. You telling me he had a pig too? Who let the pig in?

:D :D :shock:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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