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Yesterday I was at my pharmacy. The pharmacist is a registered Republican as am I. A few weeks ago, he found an editorial in the Des Moines Register I had written that was less than complimentary toward the female lawyer Democrat who now is IA Senator Chuck Grassley's opponent. So, lately, he often engages in limited political discussion - quietly, of course. As we were talking, a handicapped man on an electric cart pulled up to the counter and abruptly declared all the politicians as crooks - and we need to throw them all out - and that was that, as far as he was concerned. Then, he drove off.

I mentioned to my pharmacist that this "throw them all out" seems to be a "pat answer" for folks when they are either just too disgusted or haven't given the subject much thought as to the results of losing those representatives and senators who are doing what's right. And, I found my pharmacist and I have had the same experience with Democrat friends. We can critique George Bush and the Republican party - and none too gently when deserved - yet he couldn't mention one Democrat friend who would criticize the Democrat Party. And, it seems the Dems stick together no matter how obviously screwed up their party's policies are (4000 babies butchered daily - average - destruction of private business, tossing out the rule of law, using the Constitution as a door mat, nationalizing anything that might be tied to federal funds, etc, etc.). The Dems appear happy to lower their heads and follow faithfully, uncaring if their policies are killing the nation.

When I saw this quotation from the American Thinker, it succinctly put into words why we need to stay engaged with people who seem to be fanatically loyal no matter what the cost.

--Plato, the Greek philosopher once quipped that, "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."--
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