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VERY TRUE. - And even when these "home defense incidents" & "self-defense incidents" happen within ten miles of The COMPOST's front door.
(The COMPOST's "technique" to keep from admitting that the "news" paper's editorial policy is contrary to COMMONSENSE is to IGNORE that it happened OR to simply LIE about the shooting incident.)

Just ONE example: When I was stationed in "America's Murder Capitol" at Ft. Mc Nair, a homeowner awakened to find a 19YO & a 22YO breaking into his home (It was discovered, by the Metro Police officers, later that both housebreakers were armed with stolen handguns.), retrieved/loaded his double-barreled 16-gauge shotgun & after the pair tried to shoot the homeowner, shot & severely wounded both criminals.
Metro Police responded, called an ambulance & had the 2 criminals transported to the ER, where one criminal passed away about 3 hours later.
(The other thug was arrested/charged, after several days in the hospital, with attempted armed robbery & was later tried/convicted/received a 5 year sentence to prison.)

THE WASHINGTON POST reported that 2 criminals were arrested by the Metro Police for "involvement in a shooting incident" & (2 days later) that "one of 2 alleged burglars died of as a result of gunshot wounds".
(This sort of "reporting" is called: LYING by OMISSION.)

yours, sw
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