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M1903 and M1917 rifle parts for sale

We have a nice selection of rifle parts for the M1903 and M1917 rifles for sale. They are of varying conditions and prices. In some cases we have several of each one, so you can put away a spare or to use it for a future trade. We have included several pictures and as much description of part (or group of parts) as we can. Please read each description carefully! Numbers refer to numbers on tags in pictures provided.

Prices do not include shipping, which will be by USPS Priority Mail or First Class, depending on weight and size. We will include 65 cents for Delivery Confirmation. Insurance is extra. We will accept money orders, checks (if you are known to us or arrangements are made) or Paypal. However, Paypal carries a 3% premium to offset fees charged by Paypal.

You can contact me through a email or PM through this forum or at [email protected] ( remove dashes)

I. M1903 trigger guards

1) Black park - appears to be WWII refinish. Comes with refinished floor plate and floor plate catch. Est. 90% finish. $65.00

2) Black park - WWII refinish with refinished floor plate and floor-plate catch. Est. 85% finish. $65.00

3) Black park - as above - $65.00

4) Black park finish, stripped - no floor plate or floor-plate catch. $45.00

5) Dark gray park. Square hole cut in forward tang for hinged floor plate. A good "fixer upper" or project part for custom rifle. No floor plate. $30.00

6) Black park - as #4 (stripped). $45.00

7) Black WWII park, Est. 90+% finish. Another "fixer upper" with a small crack in side of fwd tang. $30.00

"Fixer uppers" (below)

II. Bolts

1) Swept back Bonney Forge; "7" on top of bolt handle, "0" on bottom of same location. Semi black park. Non-hole extractor included. "1525386" inscribed on bolt body. It has been suggested this is a former USMC bolt body, as they often did that to their bolts. $45.00

2) CC (Commerical Controls) swept bolt body. Medium gray in color. Non-hole extractor included. Finish is thin on bolt handle. $30.00

3) R-marked M1903A3 bolt body - stripped. No parts, just body. Estimated 90% finish is a blue/black and appears original. $35.00

4) Smith Corona bolt body. Has partial X on top of bolt handle. Original finish, no parts except stamped extractor collar. "Square" safety lug. $50.00

Close-up of SC bolt marking:

Closeup of inscribing on BF bolt:

III. Cocking pieces/firing pins

1) 1903A3 Smith-Corona - original finish - NO R stamp. $20.00

2) 1903A3 Remington - probable refinish - d. gray. $13.00

3) As #2, except finish has been buffed/ground. Good "project" part. $10.00

4) Firing mechanism - consists of R-marked cocking piece, collar, striker and mainspring - no safety. Original 90% finish. $30.00

IV. Other parts:

1) Smith Corona buttplate - has characteristic "wide" checks. Nice d. gray park. A few spots of surface corrosion which should clean off. $20.00

2) Magazine followers -

a) 3 M1903A3 stamped followers - virtually new. $8.00 ea.

b) 1 M1903A3 stamped parts follower - probable SC, parked. $8.00

c) 4 M1903 followers
(1) 60% blued finish - $10.00
(2) 40% blued finish- $9.00
(3) Phosphate gray finish- $8.00
(4) Polished/buffed finish - $7.00

3) Bolt collars:

a) 7 M1903A3 R-marked, excellent, original blued finish new - $12.00 ea.

b) 1 BP-marked - no pin. D. gray finish. $5.00

4) M1903/03A3 extractors

a) 12 - No markings, no gas holes. New. Ex. original condition, $6.00 ea.

b) 2 - R-marked, new, original condition, no holes. $8.00 ea.

c) 1 - No marking, most of finish gone, no hole, $4.00

d) 1 - No marking, w/hole, VG d. parked. $8.00

3) 1 - No hole, buffed/polished. $4.00

Closeup of extractor with gas escape hole:

5) M1903/03A3 magazine springs

2 - M1903 - VG-Ex. $4.00 ea.

2 - M1903A3 - VG/Ex. $3.00 ea.

6) M1903/03A3 mainspring - $4.00

M1917 parts:

1) Eddystone complete bolt. WWII-parked. Has "536488 scribed on bolt body (NOT handle), much in manner of M1903 USMC bolts. VG and complete. $40.00

Closeup of inscribed numbers:

2) Winchester bolt body. Est. 60-70% finish. Blued with a couple of spots of surface rust. Will clean up. No other parts included. $35

3) Remington upper band. No other parts included. EXCELLENT bluing with a few small scratches. "R" and eagle stamp is crisp and readable. Est. 85%+. $30.00

Closeup of markings:

4) Winchester buttplate (no screws included). Virtually new condition. Has not been refinished and appears to be original bluing and never installed on a rifle. $20.00

5) M 1917 Enfield blued bolt collars:

a) 1 ea. Eddystone: $12.00

b) 2 Winchester - $14.00 ea.

c) 1 Remington - $13.00

6) Eddystone firing pin/striker - Ex. $12.00

NON- U.S. part:

98K Mauser front hand guard. Excellent condition, no dings, no markings. Nice, medium-color wood. $12.50

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