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Selling my M1 Garand in 30-06. Serial number is 4,51X,XXX . I would say condition is excellent, probably rate 90% or better. The wood is solid with a few honest handling dings. There are a lot of International Harvester parts in the rifle. All parts are USGI.

Bolt, Operating rod, Trigger housing, Hammer, are stamped IHC. Safety is stamped with a F, trigger is a type 2, and trigger guard looks like a type 9 which is correct for an IHC.

Internal parts: follower rod is a type 5, operating rod catch is a typed 2 stamped with a G, follower and slide assembly is a typed 2 stamped with a G on the end, bullet guide is a type 5 with a notch. These I believe are all correct for the IHC. The follower arm is either a type 2 or 3.

The gas cylinder is flat on top of the rear ring, has a beveled bayonet lug, and no markings. The gas cylinder lock has the high hump. These should be correct for the IHC.

The front handguard, rear handguard, & stock are USGI. All three pieces look like walnut to me. There are no cracks or splits that I can see. The receiver fits snugly in the stock. The trigger assembly locks up tight. There is no shake, rattle, or looseness.

The stock has been glass beaded at one time. The number 3 is stamped in the barrel channel. There is a light cartouche on the left side. It is a square box with what looks like the letters RIA over EB. There is a "P" on the grip, a small P lower down, and another small A-P below that. There also appears to be a small cartouche of crossed cannons.

Barrel is a S-A-5-52 with a stamped P. ME is less than 1. TE is around 4 to 4.5. A 30-06 M2 ball bullet is used for comparison. Barrel has great rifling. Is smooth and shiny.

Cash Price is $1535.00 shipped to your FFL. I believe this might qualify for C&R also.

Partial trades considered: S&W in .357 or .44 Magnum in 4" or shorter barrels. Might consider something else depending on what it is.

Thanks for looking. ... v/harv.jpg ... /harv1.jpg ... harv16.jpg ... harv36.jpg ... harv37.jpg ... harv38.jpg ... harv31.jpg
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