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Wanted to sell or trade.
-Complete bolt
-Complete milled M1 trigger housing
-Recoil spring and guide
-Original USGI Mags, sling, oiler
I'm in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. Please IM or email me if you're interested in a trade or sale.
[email protected]

Here's what I've got......

For the HK G3/ HK91:
$50.00 shipped: 11 like new 20 round aluminum mags (2 or 3 Bosch)
$20.00 shipped: 4 like new German green 2 pocket ammo pouches
$18.00 shipped: Tripple frame assy-Excellent
$12.00 shipped: Green slimline forend-Very good
$20.00 Green complete stock/recoil spring assy-Very good (has CETME rod end, but 2 HK included)
$20.00 shipped: Stripped clipped SEF metal grip frame-Good to very good (includes grip, screw, and washer, and it does have the shelf welded in)
$04.05 shipped:Sling hook-excellent
$20.00 shipped: Rear sight assy with ball, spring, and all screws and washers-excellent
$FREE for first person who wants it and purchases anything else:Green buttplate painted black
$FREE for first person who wants it and purchases anything else: 2 sling eyelets

For the CETME:
$40.00 shipped: Brand new stripped bolt carrier
$35.00 shipped: UNGROUND bolt head with rollers, locking piece, firing pin, and spring
SPF Complete Century semi-auto fire control group (hammer spring broken)SPF
$25.00 shipped: Used cocking tube with cocking lever assy-take off from a parts kit
$20.00 shipped: Bayonet and sheath-Excellent condition
$08.00 shipped: Cocking handle assy
$08.00 shipped: Flash hider 15x1 RH
$08.00 shipped: Mag catch parts (no flapper)

For the Remington 870:
$75.00 shipped: Complete Remington 870 Wingmaster receiver, includes mag tube, stock screw stud, L+R shell latches and ejector. Could use a refinish, but there is no damage to the metal. Non magnum!! No M in the S/N. Must be FTF or go to 01 FFL.

For the Steyr M-95:
$30.00 shipped: Stripped receiver marked M95(M) good condition, with a few scrathches in the metal. Must go to 01 or 03 FFL.

For the M-48:
$40.00 shipped: Stripped receiver in good condition with Yugo crest marked M-48. Intermediate length, 7 5/8" center to center on the action screws. Must go to 01 or 03 FFL. ... ETME-1.jpg ... ETME-2.jpg ... 70rec2.jpg ... 70rec1.jpg ... erstop.jpg ... erside.jpg
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