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I have an excellent condition 4" S&W 66-1 (pinned and recessed) with bright Meprolight adj. night sights, Hogue rubber grip, and a couple of Safariland speedloaders. I'm looking to trade for:

a good 1911

a good BHP

a .308 or .223 bolt rifle (bases and 1" rings a plus, don't need a scope)

Partial trade involving a Lee-Enfield No. 4 plus cash, or a .30-30 20" plus cash

That's pretty much all I'm looking for.

I'm pretty much burned out on the aggravations involved in shipping (waiting for FFLs, explaining that two day shipping doesn't start from when you put the FFL in the mail, etc.), so I really want to keep this local to driving distance of the Toledo area. Also, meeting halfway doesn't mean 10 miles from your house and 100 from mine.

Thanks for looking,

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