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in New York City's Chinatown.

312 year old Wun Fat Sow, former president of the Chinese American Pork lobby in Washington, known as CAP, was roasted to death at her apartment in an old building in this downtown landmark New York neighborhood, by a blaze labeled by police as "of suspicious origin."

Sow, who had come under fire in the 70's for allegedly pilfering money from pork barrel projects legislated by her and close friends on her committee, fell out of favor completely with the Chinese community in NYC around 1995. A local newspaper article revealed that not only were the pilfering allegations true, but that she had used much of the funds to purchase extensive Kobe beef interests in Japan.

Unsubstantiated rumors of a giant block party in Chinatown with various condiments, chopsticks and thousands of people coming to "get a piece of" the once loved, but then hated dead politico are being investigated by this station.
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