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Without getting into any sort of political commentary here, because I would have posted it on the political forum, and although I am a Republican, but not since about a year or two after he left office, I am simply talking about . . .

this guy is 13 months older than my father and he's jumping out of a plane today. :eek:mg: :eek:mg: :eek:mg:

And a TRUE war hero to boot.

I will tell you this. Those of us from about a few years younger than me up 'til those of us who are in fact of that generation realize what I am about to say is very true, and it IS a statement of sorts. Those of us who are younger than about 43 may not understand this, . . .

when the very last of those people who fought in WWII has left us, when my own father, who came out of the backwoods of Puerto Rico to stand guard at the Panama Canal from '43-45, when George H.W. and all the rest, when the last of those people has left us, we will indeed have lost a national treasure. They are a special bunch of people, the ones who finished building the country, taking over from another special bunch of people, our grandparents, who fought in WWI and survived The Great Depression, transferring from an agrarian society to an industrial one, and then in our time a technological society.

We are a special bunch indeed, we Americans, no matter what color you are, who you worship, or even if you deny God like a growing number of my friends and people across the country. And we must not forget character issues or our past, how we got to where we are today, and that special bunch of people who finished baking the cake, put the cherry on top, added the frosting and paved the way for the highly automated, pleasure oriented, leisure seeking society we have become and are increasingly becoming.

Tomorrow is Flag Day.

An 80 year old man is jumping out of a plane today. A true war hero.

Let's wear and fly that flag, and remember that special bunch of people that Tom Brokaw rightfully called The Greatest Generation.

Thanks Dad, thanks George H.W., thanks to all who have served, do serve and will serve, in every armed force or reserve, our cops, firefighters, ambulance attendants, emergency medical personnel, all those who enhance our security and comfort zone in America.

I can't even take one step up on a small ladder to change a light bulb without my knees shaking, and this guy's jumping out of a plane at 80 with one plastic hip.

Is there a "smiley" for shaking your head in respectful disbelief???

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BTW, this is the same George Bush that the demonrats liked to call a "wimp."
I remind myself of that when I hear them calling his son stupid.
But Al Gore, who flunked out of divinity school, is brilliant.

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I believe the news media went out of its way to film George Bush, Sr. so as to minimize his height (well over six feet, IIRC). I never realized he was as tall until I saw him standing on a platform with some local politicians with whom I'm familar.
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