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I have lots of fun ones... But this is my favorite Hi Power story...

I'm at the Little Rock PD range doing some shooting with the LRPD SWAT team. The then Governor's wife, Janet Huckabee was there for a little trigger time on an MP5-SD...she loved it, and asked "Now why are these illegal?" (Gotta love that!!)

So after all the fun and goofing off with the Gov's wife, the SWAT team starts to do some real range time. I'm there to do the first US review of the Cornershot from Israel for Guns Magazine. So I'm doing that, and there's a guy that a few instructors are working with trying to get his scores up with his G23, and he's struggling.

A little later I match his 7 yard scores from the 40 yard line, and then all the instructors wave me over... "What on earth are you shooting?" I was shooting a custom Hi Power that I built at the time.
I hand the Hi Power to the guy who was struggling, and he immediately cuts his groups by about 70% in the first magazine. Dood's mind is freaking BLOWN!!! He immediately turns to his boss...

"Yo, L-Tee... Tell me why the Fugg we're not using these?".

LT responds... "That's Champagne, we're on a beer budget; keep shooting your Glock". (which was a freaking GREAT comeback I might add)

Even have a photo of me shooting the Cornershot from that day
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