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Your Favorite Self-Defense Load

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Notice I say favorite. I'm not looking for what is claimed to be the best. Only what you carry and why.
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It depends upon the firearm I am carrying ---

In my Kel-Tec P-32 I carry with Winchester Silver Tipped Hollowpoints
(why --- because they seem to function best)

In my .40 S& W Guns I carry Triton Quik-Shok 135gr
In my .45 ACP's I carry Triton Q-S 230gr
(why -- because after seeing gelatin testing, I feel they are the best self
defense rounds due to expansion and penetration)

even though I have alot of other guns, those are the only ones I CCW with.

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In my .45's, I carry Federal PDA.
I carry Federal PDA .38 Sp. in my S&W M-60, even though it's chambered for .357 Mag.

I like the reduced recoil, and the HS bullet is a proven design.
At the risk of making a lot of you laugh, (including Fernando) I carry a 9mm. Yes, I know it's supposed to be a "pipsqueak" round, but I never seem to have the opportunity to carry my full auto 75mm recoilless pistol, especially if it doesn't happen to be the dead of winter when wool trenchcoats aren't conspicuous. 9mm ize handguns happen to be the largest I can reliably conceal in an easily accessible spot. Here's a news flash for some of you- there is nothing "wrong" with the 9mm as a defensive round. You just need to be smart about it. First, you need a pistol that is rated for "+P" loads. Then you need to select +P ammo with a bullet constructed for the season. The dead of winter is no time to be carrying MagSafe rounds, and Milspec ball is dangerously overpenetrative on t-shirted summer opponants. The only all-season load I know of in 9mm is the old Triton Quickshok. When my supply of that goes, that will suck. But by then technology might have come up with a better round. Or, a S&W "Mountain Gun" in .44- that's an idea..
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In my .45acp,
Remmington Golden Sabre for the most part. Have been carrying some basic Winchester "WB" HPs as well.
One of the main reasons for the Remmington is that they come 25rnds to box in the 230gr HP. That gives me 3 8rnd mags and 1 for the chamber,they are accurate and have never failed to feed on me.
For me it's Gold Dots.In .45 200 gr. +p,In .40 155 gr.'In 9 mm 115 gr.+p+.
As for my favorite that would be the .45 because bigger is better.
Hmmmm... so far we have the following:

.32 ACP Winchester Silvertips
.38 Special Federal Personal Defense H-S
9mm Triton Quik-Shok
9mm Speer 115 gr Gold Dot
.40 S&W Triton 135 gr Quik-Shok
.40 S&W Speer 155 gr Gold Dot
.45 ACP Federal 165 gr Personal Defense H-S
.45 ACP Speer 200 gr Gold Dot
.45 ACP Triton 230 gr Quik-Shok
.45 ACP Remington 230 gr Golden Sabre

It's great to see that in the above selected loads, everyone is carrying great ammo for personal defense. Not one load would I tell someone not to carry.

One thing for sure, the Internet has given people the information they need to make educated decisions with regards to firearm and ammo selection. No more relying on what a given writer may say or the flavor of the month ammo with the full page ads. No more relying on the gunstore clerk with a better knowledge of BigMacs than ammo. Forums and other related sites have allowed people to share their own experiences with others.

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For my J frames (640 and 649) I've lucked into a good supply of Fed .38 +P Nyclads. When they are gone, I'll go back to the 110 gr. Win. white box.
In the M66 and 686, Fed. Prem. 158 gr. HS.
The 4516-2 likes the Fed. 165 gr. PDHS.
I've just gotten two 3" Hortons, a 24-3 and a 624. I've shot them in with CorBon 165 gr. and it will continue as the carry load.
My .45 Colt MG doesn't get carried al that often (and the .44s will reduce that some) but I use a handload for carry. 185 gr. Rem. SJHP at 1100 fps per Sierra manual. This is the only jacketed load I've fired in this gun, but it handles it as well as it does the variety of lead loads I've fired. Haven't found one yet that doesn't shoot accurately.
well in my G23 i like Winchester rangers in the 180gr flavor
in my XD9 i like Triton Hi-Vel 125gr+p
Federal Hydra-shok JHP .45ACP 165gr
For my 3" 45 - Winchester 185 grain Silvertips, soon to be replaced with 185 gr Golden Saber. For my 9mm, 124 grain Gold Dots.
for my glock 36 I carry 230gr hydro-shok's, I got a box of their 200gr+p efmj to test them and see how I like 'em, I like 'em alot, in my wife's glock23 it's loaded with 155gr hydro-shoks
Hello there Fernando! Just got back from the NRA show where we introduced the new 9mm PowRball. This is my carry load of choice in my 6906 and Kahr P9 Covert. After tesing this load in gelatin and seeing the results, I made the switch right away. We got 12" of penetration in 10% gelatin after 4 layers of denim. The results were the most consistent I've ever seen. Expansion was very consistently .58 - .62 with the jacket peeled all the way back to the base of the bullet. Weight retention was 99%. Feeding is 100% due to the round nose profile, Bullet weight is 100 gr and velocity is 1475 fps. I've never been a big 9mm fan but this may just change my mind!
Great to see you on the board. Geez, it's about time Peter got that 9mm load into production. Glad it is working out well in the gelatin. How is the accuracy?
Accuracy was very good. I shot a 1 1/2 inch group at 50 ft with it using a Beretta Elite. Extreme spreads were 12 and SD was 4.

We've found that each caliber is different. You can't just take a 45 and scale it down and think it'll work. You just about have to start from scratch with each one, that's why it's taking so long.

Hope all is well with you!
Accuracy was very good. I shot a 1 1/2 inch group at 50 ft with it using a Beretta Elite. Extreme spreads were 12 and SD was 4.
That sounds good. Curious how the accuracy would be from a shorter barrel, too.
We've found that each caliber is different. You can't just take a 45 and scale it down and think it'll work. You just about have to start from scratch with each one, that's why it's taking so long.
Tell me about it. Went through the very same thing with the Quik-Shok.
Hope all is well with you!
Things would be much better if the main site were finished, but we are just about there. Just working out the minor bugs now. Besides that the weather has been good enough to get some decent bike riding in. Next thing to do is get some range time in before the main site goes live and play time is gone :D
Hello. At the present time, my orbits are rather tame. I retired from a 25-year career in police work, 11 of them on the tactical unit at my department. During that time, on and off duty, I carried either a .45 ACP in some form of 1911 or a 9mm Browning Hi Power.

These days around the house, in the yard, or feeding the ducks behind the house, I tote an S&W Model 642 loaded with Remington 158-grain +P LSWCHP. I'm not sure it's the best, but the gun's rated for it. I know the snub .38 is not the premier pocket gun, but it "works" for me. I practice with it weekly.

My wife's home defense pistol is a SIG-Sauer P225 loaded with Triton 125-grain +P Hi Vel JHPs. The reason is that the stuff groups well though she cannot, is utterly reliable in her pistol, and would take rape off one's mind pretty quickly I suspect. Though I'm not NOT a fan of the DA/SA autopistol, I'm not rabidly against them so for commonality, my house gun is the SIG-Sauer P220 in .45 ACP. Right now, it's loaded with some Corbon 200-grain +P JHP loaded with the old Speer 200-grain JHP, "the flying ashtray." It's reliable and shoots very, very well from the pistol. I've seen what this old round does on men, once on the scene, and once from a police videotape, though the loads used were just about 50ft/sec slower.

When I carry a belt gun (legally), it's either a Commander loaded with Winchester RA45T 230-grain JHP or a Browning Hi Power in 9mm using the same company's 127-grain +P+, RA9TA. Both have shown very good accuracy and relatively small standard deviations over the chronograph.

On ocassion, I'll carry a Glock 26 which remains loaded with the Triton 125-grain Hi Vel.

I'm not too concerned about whether I have the Winchester or the Triton in the 9mm pistols. I've not used the Winchester on any animals...yet, but have the Triton and it worked like a peach.

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Don't have one yet, but looking

Just changed my home and carry guns to another pair of Glocks, only now in .45ACP: a 21 and a 36. Right now they're loaded with Silvertips, but I'm willing to change that.

Any suggestions? Preferably non +P ammo.

.40 S&W Triton 135 gr Quik-Shok in my G27.
.32 ACP Winchester Silvertips in my P32 (until Cor-Bon comes out with a Pow-R-Ball in .32).
I carry a 4 3/4" Ruger blackhawk (yes, i use it for Concealed Carry) loaded with 20.5 grains of H2400, a CCI magnum pistol primer and Keith SWC hollowpoint loaded in Starline cases.
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