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Just this last Wednesday I purchased a ZIGANA K semi-auto off of on sale for 229.oo plus tax & S&H, with two 15-round mags & cleaning kit.

The Zigana K is "the favored pistol" of the Turkish "elite forces"/commandos, as well as "the elite forces" of several Asian/Latin American nations.
Additionally, my old friend, who is a retired MG from Turkey, told me that he had "hung up" his previous BHP to carry the Zigana K.
(Inasmuch as the MSRP is well over 400.oo, I just couldn't resist the temptation.)

AFTER paying for the pistol, I then found that NO vendor, that I could find on numerous Internet search engines, sells a LEFT-HAND leather "on waist belt holster" for it.

Do any of you know of a suitable holster that will fit my new handgun??

yours, sw
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